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Bureau Phi’s international experience encourages collaborations and exchanges of ideas across borders. With a large trajectory in the international art world, Bureau Phi is prepared to create and implement tailored artistic, educational and editorial projects. Bureau Phi also consults in areas of collection, development and project management. In addition, we organize film and video programs and special educational projects.

Over the years, Bureau Phi has conceived large-scale art events (First International Biennial in Cartagena, Colombia, 2014), as well as museum exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, seminars, film retrospectives, and other multimedia projects..

Bureau Phi was co-founded by Barbara Krulik and myself in 2013. Under Bureau Phi we did a few projects together, until the departure of Ms. Krulik to pursue her own projects.

Bureau Phi has an exceptional professional network of industry professionals who will look at the tendencies and the art and will provide clients with a concept, implementation and publication, as well as business and commercial advice. In some cases, Bureau Phi just develops the concept, in others we realize the project from A to Z, and in anothers we develop the concept, leaving it to be implemented by the institution. We have the people and skills in our professional team to make this happen, if the professional attending feels there is a market for our unique services. We have also worked in the field of design and publishing for catalogs, brochures, and artists’ books.

The work accomplished before Bureau Phi, at the Reina Sofía and internationally, is listed under the tag Previous work, where that you will find in my CV.

Lorraine O’Grady and Berta Sichel, 2016
Photo: Rocío Ruz. Courtesy of ABC, Sevilla.


Berta Sichel

International art professional, consultant, researcher, art and cultural writer, lecturer, implementing all kinds of projects involving contemporary art. She has an extensive knowledge of international artists and art institutions.

Sichel began her career in New York City where she curated exhibitions for the São Paulo International Biennial (1983 and 1985) and the Aperto for the Venice Biennale (1993) as well as exhibitions and programs for numerous North American museums and art organizations, such as Whitney Museum, Art in General, Newark Museum, or Sculpture Center... She taught at the Media Studies Department at The New School for Social Research (1991-1997). While in New York, she was also the cultural correspondent for a daily in Brazil, and wrote for Flash Art, Art Nexus, and The Art Newspaper.

In 2000 she moved to Madrid, Spain, invited to be the Director of the Department of Media Arts and Chief Curator for Media Arts, at the Museo Reina Sofía. There she was charged with establishing a world-class video collection that traced the history of the medium. She also curated media projects (Susan Lacy, Fluxus Films, Ulrike Ottiher, Yvonne Rainner, Michael Snow, etc), and public programs on media, which included major commissions of new video, as well as the presentation of performances and concerts.

An independent scholar, she always put a large amount of time into researching the themes and have contributed in many art catalogs published in different countries and languages. She speaks Portuguese (mother tongue), English and Spanish, and have a command of French. In 2018, a collection of her essays was published in Spain under the title 14 Artistas.

She is currently based in Madrid and have an address in the United States. For her it is rewarding to be in Europe, since the diversity of the continent is challenging. She travels frequently to New York.

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Lorna Scott Fox

Lorna Scott Fox is a journalist, translator and editor who spent years in France, Mexico and Spain, and now lives in London. Currently she is a reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement. She is an editor with Verso Books, and her most recent translation is Petite Fleur, by Iosi Havilio (And Other Stories, 2017).

Patricia Capa

Patricia Capa is graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and is specialized in management and conservation of Photographic Heritage and Film Material. For the last 5 years she has worked as a Cultural Management Assistant in different projects and institutions.


Co-founder and director of Bureau Phi Art Agency, experienced in all phases of exhibition activities including: developing and implementing short and long-term curatorial projects; planning, producing, and developing exhibition and public events; supervising installations; editing catalogs, and educational programming, 2013 to present.

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