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Nectar: War upon the Bees

Pratt Manhattan Art Gallery, New York. December 9, 2016–February 11, 2017

Nectar is a visual essay on the mortality of pollinators as a consequence of the faster-bigger-cheaper approach to food production that is steadily draining our planet’s resources, and that could ultimately provoke the collapse of our civilization. The wisdom of cultures across the globe has long told us that Nature is full of extraordinary connections. Hence our exhibition will also reflect on the interconnectedness of the bees with current world events – many of them urgent to our survival. The projects of the nine artists selected for Nectar are unequivocally committed to the theme, yet their scope is expansive and their nuanced associations and references converge into a compilation of images rich in social awareness and engagement. As an overview of the current situation, the works are incisive, insightful, and endowed with the flair of a special kind of art – one that directs our eyes and thoughts to what is happening around us.

Installation view at Pratt Manhattan Gallery.
Jason Mandella Photography and Raul Valverde Photography
Dossier 10 pages.
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